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How machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI) helps sellers on Tradus

At Tradus, we are bringing used heavy machinery trade to the next level with help of AI and machine learning. Our latest technologies make heavy equipment trade easier and smarter, so sellers spend less time publishing quality ads and buyers are able to find these ads effortlessly. One of our top areas of focus is […]

Which used vehicles are buyers looking for this spring?

The warmer months of the year are closing in again – resulting in changing heavy machinery needs for businesses and professionals. As seasonality affects certain activities across transportation, farming and construction industries, buyer activity on Tradus moves accordingly. Based on our data the following categories attract the most buyers during spring months relative to the […]

Free exposure for Tradus Premium sellers on otomotoprofi.pl

Tradus is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Otomoto Profi (otomotoprofi.pl): the heavy machinery arm of OTOMOTO, Poland’s #1 automotive marketplace. This partnership enables Tradus sellers to gain more visibility for their Transport, Farming, Construction and Material Handling equipment. The partnership between Tradus and Otomoto Profi lets Tradus sellers boost their inventory in Poland […]