These are the top exporting and importing countries

Looking for new business opportunities as a seller? Or eager to find out where your fellow buyers get their vehicles and machines from? The total import and export market of heavy machines and commercial vehicles in the EU reached a total of € 13,75 billion in 2018. Check out our latest market insights, and discover which were the top importers and exporters.

Top exporting countries for the Netherlands
In 2018, the Netherlands exported commercial vehicles and heavy machinery with a total value of almost € 1.25 billion. Its neighbors Germany and Belgium are the most important export countries for the Netherlands (over 30% of the total trading value). Other significant regions for the Netherlands are Eastern Europe and Portugal. The top-five exporting countries are:

Top exporting countries for Germany
Out of its nine neighboring countries, only three are among Germany’s top five exporting countries. The biggest exporting country is Poland, followed by the Netherlands. Italy and Romania follow at a distance in third and fourth place. These two countries combined account for about the same trading value in Germany as the Netherlands. Austria comes in fifth place.

Top importing countries for Poland
Poland’s market for commercial vehicles and heavy machinery largely depends on import. As you could see above, Germany and the Netherlands export a lot of vehicles and machines to Poland. They are numbers one and three on the list of import countries in Poland’s top five. France comes in second place. On number four and five are Denmark and Czech Republic.

Top importing countries for Romania
Romania is still on the rise as an important international trading partner. As with most countries, Germany is Romania’s most important source for commercial vehicles and heavy machinery – by far. The Netherlands comes in second place, followed by Austria, Hungary, and Poland.

Top importing countries for Spain
Spain also relies on its neighbors for the import of commercial vehicles and heavy machinery. However, in its top five Germany is also the leading country. Neighbors France and Portugal are in places two and four, and the Netherlands (place three) and Romania (place five) complete the list.

Use this info to your advantage
Now that you know the numbers, use them to your advantage. As a seller you now know where (in which languages, for example) the opportunities lie. As a buyer, these statistics may give you new ideas about where to get your vehicles or machines. Check out our listings or go to your seller account now!

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