hottest used equipment july

Our hottest used equipment in July

What do our used vehicles and machines have in common with the weather? Both were hotter than ever throughout Europe this July. Find out what our top performers were – and use that data to your advantage.

Our hottest transport vehicles

With about 75,000 ads in our used transport vehicles section we cater to pretty much every need. However, some vehicles are more popular than others. These were the five units our buyers were most interested in:

As you can see, most of our buyers look for vans. The most popular brand is Mercedes-Benz, but Ford and Iveco both also get a lot of attention. As fate would have it, these also happen to be the top-three listed brands in our transport category.

Our hottest farm equipment

A closer finish can be seen in our used farming equipment category, where you can find over 60,000 listings. We offer all sorts of farm equipment, such as tractors, hay foragers, tillage machines, fertilizer applicators, and harvesting equipment. Most potential buyers in this category seem to be interested in tractors, as can be concluded from our top five:

Tractors make up for almost 30% of all the offered farming equipment. Fendt, although only the fourth most listed brand in this category, generates the most leads.

Our hottest construction equipment

Our used construction equipment category offers a solution for everything that needs to be built. Most of the tasks that have to be performed have to do with excavation, so it seems. Most of our hottest construction vehicles were excavators:

Interestingly, our most listed brand Caterpillar didn’t make it to the top five of July.

Use these stats to your advantage

As the smarter marketplace we love to offer you the latest data to help you reach more success. Both buyers and sellers can use this data to their advantage:

  • Buyers can look for better bargains among the less popular brands. Go to our global marketplace to find your next machine or vehicle!
  • Sellers can focus their energy on promoting the right items for better results. Are your ads up to date? Go to your TRADUS PRO account now!

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