Top 5 August: Trucks and Tractor units

Summer season did not slow down our trucks and tractor units in August. Like all our used transport vehicles they were as popular as ever. Are you in the transport vehicle trading business? Then check out our must-knows about the industry in August – and use them to your advantage!

Top 5 Trucks: Atego beats Actros for the first time

Our used trucks section has always been dominated by Mercedes-Benz, and that didn’t change in August. However, we do have a new leader in our Most Visited Top Five. The popular Mercedes-Benz Actros got beaten by its brother, the Atego – for the first time! It seems that the price tag of the Atego – which is about half of the Argos’s – is starting to make a difference. Check out the full top five:

Top 5 viewed Trucks on Tradus in August

Graph-top5-trucks_800x400px (1)

The other three models in the top five managed to hold their positions. However, the Mercedes-Benz Actros lost one percent (nine percent in August) and the MAN TGX lost two percent (seven percent in August) of total visits. This means that the DAF XF, which kept accounting for six percent of all visits, is closing in on its rivals…

Top 5 Tractor units: Volvo FH maintains its lead

When we look at our used tractor units, we see the same top five as last month

Top 5 viewed tractor units on Tradus in August

Graph-top5-units_800x400px (1)

As you can see, the Scania R-series and Volvo FH maintain their positions, and remain steadily in third and fourth position. Another big change is the number five on our list: the Iveco Eurocargo claims this position at the cost of the MAN TGA.

Use the Tradus stats for smarter trading

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