New seller: Bus Market

We’re proud to announce a new seller in our used buses and coaches category: Bus Market from Turkey. Find out why this seller is the perfect supplier for your next used bus!

25 years of experience and passion

For more than 25 years Bus Market has supplied the European market with buses in all shapes and sizes. Passion is what drives this seller, and their vast experience is where you benefit as a buyer. Whether you’re looking for a coach bus, city bus, midi bus, or mini bus / passenger van, Bus Market can provide you with the right solution.

Thoroughly tested buses

To ensure you get the quality you need, Bus Market thoroughly tests all buses for 3 months before putting them on sale. Any problems that arise during this period will be taken care of before you buy the vehicle.

Wide range

The more than 180 vehicles at Bus Market really do come in all shapes and sizes. For every type of passenger transport and every budget, this seller offers a fitting solution. You’ll find premium brands such as MAN and Mercedes-Benz as well as budget-friendly brands like TEMSA and OTOKAR among their listings. Bus Market has  buses from just about every model year. Some buses have low mileage, others have more miles on the odometer.

Other services

In addition to the large stock on sale, Bus Market offers additional services. If you want to sell a bus, they can help you find the right client. You can also give this Turkish seller a ring if you need spare parts for your bus. As with all sellers in our global marketplace for used commercial vehicles and heavy machinery, international shipping is no problem.

Find Bus Market on TRADUS

You can check out of sample of Bus Market’s large fleet in our listings and on the company’s website. Be sure to contact them to find out about unlisted buses they have for sale. But first, check out Bus Market on TRADUS!

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