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New: stand out on our homepage – in one click!

All sellers that love to boost their exposure on our global heavy machinery marketplace must read this. We have a new way of making sure your ads are noticed by our visitors. Discover how you can stand out from the competition – for free!


Introducing: homepage listings

What’s the first page most of our visitors will see? Exactly – the homepage. Being listed directly on the homepage means serious buyers can reach you in a single click. Your ad will be prominently visible below the search box . A large photo, together with the price and ad title, offers buyers all the info they need to click through!

How does it work?

You can access the Promotion Feature in your TRADUS PRO dashboard. Activating it is free for a limited trial period, and takes only two simple steps:

  1. Go to the listing you want to promote on the homepage in your TRADUS PRO account.
  2. Click or tap PROMOTE to activate the promotion for the selected listing.


The ad will now be visible on the TRADUS homepage for three days. After that, you can re-activate the feature for another three days. You can repeat this for as many times as you want, and for as many ads as you want!

Don’t worry…

Afraid you might forget to re-activate the Promotion Feature for your selected ads? No worries. We’ll notify you via email when it’s time to re-activate your settings. Unable to re-activate it? If the button is light gray, the promotion is still active. Just wait until it expires to re-activate it.

Activate your Promotion Feature now!

The Promotion Feature is now available in your TRADUS PRO account. Start boosting your ads by displaying them on our homepage today. Just log in to your dashboard and select the ads you want to boost. Go to your TRADUS PRO account now!

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