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Are you using our improved TRADUS PRO Analytics?

The more you know, the smarter you’ll trade. With the Analytics in your TRADUS PRO Dashboard, you’ll be able to zoom in on the details that matter. Find out exactly how you can optimize your performance on TRADUS.

Examples of Analytics

As the smarter global marketplace we are constantly finding new ways to make trading easier and more intelligent. Our latest achievement in this ongoing process are our updated Analytics. In this very extensive section you can view lots of performance data. Find some examples below.

Individual ad performance

You can check out performance data for each ad individually. Find out which ads outperform others, and which may need some optimizing. See how many visitors viewed a specific listing and how many took action to get in touch.

Group 2.png

When trading across (and beyond) Europe, knowing where your buyers come from can be a great advantage. Find out where your ads are most popular and use this info to improve your strategy. Get to know your potential buyers and target them more successfully.

Day-to-day performance

You may find that your ads are more popular on some days than on other days. There are several ways to use this in your sales strategy. For example, you can boost the slower days for a more leveled-out performance throughout the week. Or you can re-allocate resources to anticipate performance spikes.

Group 3

Available to all TRADUS PRO users

The greatest thing about our TRADUS PRO Analytics? All TRADUS PRO users have access to them. You just have to log in to your TRADUS PRO account. On the left side of your screen you’ll see the menu. Simply click “Analytics” to view your account’s in-depth statistics.

Want to check it out?

Now that you know about our TRADUS PRO Analytics it’s time to put them to good use. Get started on boosting your performance today. Go to your TRADUS PRO account now!

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