Price evolution: Trucks (update 09/2019)

When trading trucks, keeping an eye on price trends is paramount. To help you trade smarter, we’ve rounded up the three biggest price increases and decreases in our used trucks category. A lot of the models are from our most popular brands. Read the full story.


Still going strong

Our top transport vehicle buying and selling countries were trading like never before. But not everything stayed the same. For example, we saw interesting price changes in our used trucks category in September vs August.

The biggest price drops

The truck that saw its price drop the most was the Mitsubishi Canter series. This sought-after smaller multi-purpose truck became ten percent cheaper on average in September.

Following with a six percent price cut on average is the versatile Mercedes-Benz Unimog, one of the stars in our TRADUS Epic Challenges. The MAN L2000 concludes the top three with a five percent lower price in September.

The fastest rising prices

Among the biggest price rises in September we also see mostly lighter trucks. Both the Iveco Daily and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter truck version became seven percent more expensive on average.

The only heavier truck in this story is the DAF XF – which experienced a whopping 14 percent average price increase! It’s interesting to see how the market will react. Will this steady name in our top five most popular trucks still make the top five this month?

Useful info for buyers and sellers

Significant price changes are always a good reason to take action. What can you do with this info?

Buying trucks?

As a buyer, big price drops mean new opportunities. Could any of these models be interesting additions to your fleet? Now is the time to jump in. Use our detailed transport vehicle search options to zoom in on the perfect deal.

Selling trucks?

If you’re a seller it’s even more crucial to act now. Are your prices still in line with the market? A good way to check is our TRADUS Market Value Tool. Check if your listings are still competitive and up-to-date. Go to your TRADUS PRO account now!

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