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Top 5 buses and coaches

Our used buses and coaches section has been growing rapidly over the last few months. While more and more sellers post their listings, the number of buyers also increases. Some models were clearly more popular than others. What was the top five for our most viewed  buses and coaches? Find out now.

One brand stands out

Only two brands made it to the top-five list in our used buses and coaches overall category. MAN, holding on to third position with its A-Series, is surrounded by four model series from Mercedes-Benz. The evergreen from Stuttgart, the Sprinter, is in first position with a three-percent lead on the O-series bus.


As you can see, the top five continues with the comfortable and reliable Tourismo. In fifth place is a model often used by public transport companies – the Citaro.

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Are you selling used buses or coaches, or looking for your next used bus or coach? This info can make a big difference. Find out how you can use these statistics to your benefit.

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Are you a buyer?

Which models are other buyers looking at? Are there any high-quality buses or coaches that are being overlooked by other buyers? Which alternatives to the top five offer the same benefits at a better price? Find out today. Start your search for used buses and coaches using the links below.

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