Top buyer and seller markets for trucks

We know what the best-selling trucks and tractor units were for August, but who sold the most? And who bought most of them? The top-selling countries might not surprise you, but the top buyers will.


Who sold the most trucks?

Did you check out our top buyer and seller markets for transport vehicles? Just like in the overall used transport vehicles category, Germany takes the lead when it comes to selling used trucks. And it’s quite a big lead.

Still, when comparing sizes of the tree countries, the Netherlands does a great job. The country comes in second with a difference of only nine percent. It leaves Belgium behind in third place with the same nine-percent difference.

Who bought them?

Being Germany’s neighbour and being a large country, Poland would be a logical candidate for the top position here. However, it’s not in the number one spot – not even in the top three! Romania buys the most trucks on TRADUS.

Greece and Spain fill up the remaining two spots in the top three. As you can see, the difference between the two Mediterranean countries is very small. They may even have switched places when the next top three comes out…

Use this info to your advantage

Both buyers and sellers can use the info in this article to their advantage.


Do you sell trucks? Make sure you target the right countries. Go to your TRADUS PRO account and see if your ads are up to date. There are several steps you can take to improve your exposure in top-buying countries. Contact your Account Manager for useful tips.


All top-selling countries have one thing in common: they feature lots of trustworthy sellers. Thanks to the climate and stringent legislations, their commercial vehicles and heavy equipment are usually in top condition. Locate the right dealer using the TRADUS Seller Map (available now in the TRADUS App and soon on our website).

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