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Why you need (and want) a TRADUS Buyer Account

Like our sellers, we want our buyers to be serious. That’s one reason we let every new buyer set up an account. But there’s much more to your buyer account than just a confirmation of your buyer info. Find out why the TRADUS Buyer Account is the perfect tool for serious traders.

Why is your TRADUS Buyer Account important?

Our goal is to connect trusted sellers to serious buyers. That’s why our sellers need to be manually approved, and our buyers need to set up accounts.

Show you’re serious

To the seller, your buyer account is a sign that you want to do business. To you, this account offers a number of tools and perks to make the most of your trading efforts.

Contact sellers directly

You also need your account to contact sellers. We provide all seller contact details to buyer account holders. Emails between you and sellers will be saved in your account inbox. Did you know we automatically translate emails – at no additional cost? So don’t hesitate to send your emails all across the world!

What is the TRADUS Buyer Account?

Your TRADUS Buyer Account is a personal dashboard that helps you in every step of the buying process. It’s designed to help you find the perfect commercial vehicle or heavy machine. For this purpose it contains a number of indispensable tools, as you will see below.

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What can I do in my TRADUS Buyer Account?

Your TRADUS Buyer Account consists of four sections:

  • My Account
  • My favorites
  • My saved searches
  • My alerts

My account

My account’ contains your personal info, such as your name, email, phone number, city, preferred language, and company name. Here you can also change your password.

My favorites

Found a vehicle or machine you like, but no time to respond right away? You can save it for later. See that star at the top right corner of the ad photo (bottom right in the app)? Click or tap that, and it will be saved in ‘My favorites’ in your account.

My saved searches

At TRADUS, your search can become very specific. You may have set all the filters just right, but still haven’t found what you’re looking for. In that case it’s good to know you can save your search, so you can check again later. Just go to ‘My saved searches’ and click on the saved search to start searching again!

My alerts

Tired of searching? Let us find the vehicle for you! Below the contact info on desktops (or below the ad description in the app) you’ll find a link. Click this link to receive email alerts when similar listings are added. In ‘My alerts’ you can manage these email alerts, and delete them once you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Start making the most of your account now

Now that you know what to use your account for, it’s time to start using it! Never miss a good deal again. Go to your TRADUS Buyer Account now! Click on your name on the top right corner and select “My Account”


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