New seller: Tuscher & Milas Company

We’re happy to announce yet another new seller on our smarter global heavy equipment marketplace. Are you looking for construction machinery and equipment at an attractive price? Find out more about Tuscher & Milas Co.

About Tuscher & Milas Co.

The Romanian-Austrian Tuscher & Milas Co. has become a household name in the construction industry. For over fifteen years this company has been selling and leasing new and used construction equipment and machinery. With their knowledge and experience, Tuscher & Milas Co. provides quality solutions for every project.

Important partner for TRADUS

Do you need a complete construction solution? Or you haven’t figured out yet what you need exactly? In these cases, the well-trained staff can help you find what you’re looking for. By sizing up your project, Tuscher & Miller Co. can help you get the right tools. It’s this kind of knowledge that we look for in our partners.

Full-service solutions

In addition to selling and leasing construction machines and equipment, Tuscher & Miller Co. also provides other solutions. From their location in Cluj, they also offer the following.

Rental services

If you need the machine or equipment for only one project, renting it may be a smart move. You can rent equipment and machines for any type of construction project.

Spare parts and accessories

Tuscher & Milas Co. can provide the parts needed to perform repairs and maintenance. Parts for most construction machinery and equipment are available from their large stock. To upgrade or adjust existing machines and equipment, contact the company for their large range of accessories.

Machinery, heavy equipment, and other oversized transport

Getting your machine or equipment to the right location can be a complicated logistical project. Tuscher & Milas Co. can transport any heavy and oversized machinery and equipment for you. If needed, transport escorting services are also available.

Check out Tuscher & Milas Co. on TRADUS

Curious about what our newest seller has to offer? Check out their listings and contact info. Discover Tuscher & Milas Company on TRADUS!

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