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Construction equipment TMV ratings are now live

Sellers and buyers of construction equipment will remember this day. It’s the day all that price-researching hassle finally ended. We’ve just rolled out our unique TRADUS Market Value Tool (TMV) in our used construction equipment section. Check it out!

Welcome addition

When you go to our used construction equipment section, you’ll see what all the build up (pun intended) was for. The TMV’s advanced Artificial Intelligence will save you loads of time – whether you’re buying or selling. In the blink of an eye you can tell if a vehicle or machine is priced in line with the market.

tradus market value construction equipment

An example

Above you see one of the used wheeled excavators we have on our website. Below the asking price you see a rating. This rating can be one of the following:

  • Great price: contact the seller before it’s gone!
  • Good price: at this rate, you’ll pay less than the market average.
  • Fair price: the seller is asking more or less the average market price.
  • High price: a little negotiating might be in order.
  • Overpriced: based on our data, the seller’s asking too much.

Below the rating the tool will tell you how much you’re saving or overpaying. No more tedious research – the TMV does it all for you!

What this means for sellers

Hard time comparing your stock to the rest of the market? You’re not the only one. We’ve noticed this a lot in the market. That’s why we offer the TMV as a way to determine the market price. This price index tool helps you set your prices without too much of a fuss.

What this means for buyers

As a buyer you also have a good friend in TMV. Never again do you have to compare ads and check every single detail. It’s all there – instantly! However, don’t be immediately put off by an overpriced vehicle or machine. There may be a reason the item is overpriced. Check with the seller if there’s anything you need to know!

Where can you find the TMV?

The TMV hasn’t been rolled out in the total used construction equipment section yet. If you want to see the tool in action, go to one of these categories:

One thought on “Construction equipment TMV ratings are now live

  1. I think this is a very good development. Good fundamentals, bad business going down. Ethical, considerate. It helps you make the right choice.

    In fact, it is also the basis for the relationship. Why so much? Why is it so expensive?
    The seller gets feedback, not just the buyer. It helps balance business. Clever!

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