Used excavators: price changes up to 12%

In the past six months the market for used excavators showed some very exciting trends for traders. Some stats were music to our sellers’ ears, while other numbers rocked our buyers’ worlds. Where do you land on this? Check out the statistics!

Top-3 risers: Volvo and Liebherr in the lead

On the side of rising prices, the Volvo Ec series and Liebherr R series both take the lead – by a narrow margin. On average, excavators from these series became two percent more expensive. The Volvo and Liebherr are followed closely by another mighty machine. Prices of the Hyundai R went up one percent in October compared to May.

Going down: Doosan

Not all models in our used excavators category saw their prices increase. JCB and Komatsu both had a model that dropped six percent in price. For JCB it was their Js excavator. Its price decreased as fast as the Komatsu Pc‘s. But the biggest fall was taken by Doosan.  The Doosan Dx excavators are now twelve percent cheaper compared to half a year ago!

used excavators price change

How this info helps you

As the smarter global marketplace for heavy machinery we like to help our members. One way to do this is by offering insightful statistics. But what can you do with these numbers? There are several ways to look at these statistics and use them to your advantage. It all depends on your role in the trading process.

Are you a buyer?

Buyers will look mostly at the price drops. This is where new opportunities can be found. A dropped price means a better deal – or more room to make a good deal. Interested to find out more? Check out the listings on our heavy machinery marketplace!

Are you a seller?

Both price increases and decreases can pose interesting opportunities for sellers. There are various ways to deal with these changes in the market. Use this info to update your strategy and improve your results. Go to your TRADUS PRO account to check if your listings are up to date!

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