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What’s that agricultural equipment worth? Check our TMV!

Our TRADUS Market Value Tool (TMV) has been rocking the world of heavy machinery and commercial vehicles since its launch. It’s one of the great tools to help buyers and sellers trade smarter. Now you can also check price indices for agricultural equipment with our TMV.

Still rolling out…

As you can see, we’re busy rolling out the TRADUS Market Value Tool in our agricultural section. Thousands of listings in our used farming equipment section have already been scanned by our TMV. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence, this tool compares current and past listings. The result is a price index that helps both buyers and sellers.

tradus market value tool farming equipment

How it works

Below the asking price of the listed machine or vehicle you see the TMV. As you can see, it gives you a price rating based on its own calculations:

  • Great price: don’t miss this deal!
  • Good price: the seller is asking less than the market average.
  • Fair price: the asking price is more or less equal to the market average.
  • High price: you might want to knock a few bucks off that asking price.
  • Overpriced: you’re paying too much for this vehicle or machine.

Below the price rating you also see how much you’re saving or overpaying compared to the market average. That’s all the info you need without any hassle!

How to benefit as a seller

Are you selling agricultural equipment, such as used tractors or pre-owned harvesters? There aren’t always many vehicles to compare your listings to. Don’t worry – the TMV helps you determine the right price for your equipment. You can check instantly if your asking price is in line with the market.

How to benefit as a buyer

For buyers the added value is obvious. You can use the TMV as a guide in your buying process. It gives you valuable, time-saving advice. In the blink of an eye you have all the price index info you need.

A little side note

This tool offers great help in determining the market value for  vehicles and machines. However, don’t fixate on the TMV alone. If you’re interested in a vehicle that’s rated as high-priced or overpriced, you can still contact the seller. There could be a good reason why the vehicle is priced above the market average.

Check out the TMV at work

Want to see how the TMV rates the agricultural equipment on our marketplace? Go to our used farming equipment section now!

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