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5 reasons to lease your transport vehicle or equipment

Leasing has become increasingly popular in the automotive industry over the last years. Both commercial and private lease have proved to be an attractive alternative to buying. Ever considered leasing your commercial vehicle or heavy equipment? You might after you read this. Here are five reasons to consider lease.

1. It can be cheaper than financing

Do you need to finance your used truck or other transport equipment? It pays to have a good overview of the costs. With big expenses such as maintenance and tire replacements covered, you might be better off leasing. It all depends on the conditions of your contract, but it’s at least worth checking out.

2. Still lots of choice

At this moment you can find over 300 used transport vehicles and equipment offered for lease. You can find vehicles and equipment from practically any year and make. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give the seller a ring – they might have some additional stock available!

3. Better specs for less extra money

When buying a vehicle, adding extras and accessories can be expensive. Of course you’ll also pay extra for options and accessories on a leased vehicle. However, the monthly installments will put less stress on your budget.

4. It’s like a looooong test drive

Many companies offer the option to buy the vehicle or equipment after the lease term has ended. Often these companies sell ex-lease stock at a very attractive rate! While leasing, you’ve come to know everything about your vehicle or equipment. So if you buy it after the lease term, you know exactly what you’re getting.

5. No worries about depreciation

Most people are shocked when they see what their vehicle is worth after a while. Leasing takes care of that problem. After the lease term has ended, you pretty much hand in the keys – and that’s it!

Where to lease your vehicle or equipment?

Currently we have a number of companies offering vehicles and equipment for lease. Two of them are De Lage Landen (DLL) and My-Trucks.

About De Lage Landen

De Lage Landen is a global vendor finance company active in eight different industries. This company aims to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. Check out De Lage Landen on TRADUS.

About My-Trucks

For leasing used tractor units, trucks, and other transport equipment, check out My-Trucks. This Belgian company knows all about leasing anything that falls under the transport category. Check out their large stock. Visit My-Trucks on TRADUS!

Check out what’s available

Interested to learn more about the vehicles you can lease at TRADUS? Check out our used equipment for lease!

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