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TMV: good or bad? This is what our sellers say

Our TRADUS Market Value Tool (or TMV) has disrupted the world of heavy machinery trading. With such an innovative tool comes a great variety of opinions. Buyers love it, because it tells them instantly if a listing price is in line with the market. Sellers are usually more skeptical – but not all of them. Find out what these sellers say.

Since the launch of our TMV we have been constantly asking for feedback from our sellers. We’ve used this feedback to further improve our revolutionary tool. Read what some of them had to say.

Some quotes from our sellers

“Initially I was very skeptical about TMV, but in time it proved a good tool to assess our own prices.” – Owner of a large construction equipment dealer in Germany

“We use TMV all the time as a comparison tool to adjust our prices. Up until now, the way it assess the prices seems fair.” – Sales Manager for transport equipment in Germany

“We would like to see TMV implemented in all of the agri categories. TRADUS is the first platform we see that is doing a price evaluation tool” – Sales Manager for farming equipment in Germany

“We are still evaluating TMV. We like the analysis tools TRADUS provides, but we are not sure that TMV will hurt or improve our sales. Time will tell.” – Owner of a large transport equipment dealer in Germany

“Surprised to see an evaluation tool on agricultural machines. I don’t think other platforms have something like that. It does give us relevant price evaluation analysis material.” – Sales Executive for farming equipment in Germany

“I wouldn’t immediately call it ‘disruptive’ but TRADUS is certainly standing out in the crowd with things like the TMV and the continuous sharing of relevant business insights. On the TMV, good to know were we stand vs. the rest of your sellers.” – Owner of a group of dealers in heavy machinery and commercial vehicles in the Netherlands

Where do you stand?

What do you think of our TMV? Before you give us your opinion, make sure you watch the TMV in action! We’ve already written about the TMV for used agricultural equipment and where to find the TMV for used construction equipment. Another great way to see the tool in action is to go to our used transport equipment!

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