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Middle East and Africa: import regulations

Are you planning to sell heavy machinery or commercial vehicles to African or Middle Eastern countries? Then these regulations are a must read for you. Discover the import restrictions for various countries in this region.

Dealing with these countries? Obtain legal advice!

Note that this article can only be used as a general guideline. It may contain errors or outdated information, and cannot be viewed as binding legal advice. If you plan on or are exporting to or importing into these countries, obtain legal advice from the authorities or an expert. That being said, here are some regulations to take into account as a seller.

Egypt: restrictions on transport vehicles

Especially motor vehicles with petrol engines are subject to stringent regulations. The export regulations state that these vehicles may not be older than one year at the time they’re cleared by customs. Although the law states that construction machines are allowed to be imported, there is no clear statement on used construction vehicles.

Nigeria: regulations on passenger cars

At the time of importing, used passenger cars may not be older than fifteen years. Nigeria doesn’t seem not have the same strict regulation for transport, construction, or agricultural equipment. Exporting used passenger vans of over fifteen years old? Be sure to double check if they don’t qualify as passenger cars.

Ghana: ban on right-hand driven vehicles

Do you have a customer in Ghana interested in your stock? As long as the steering wheel is on the left, you’re in the clear. Ghana doesn’t allow right-hand driven vehicles to be imported into the country.

Lebanon: stringent age restrictions

Used buses and other used transport vehicles that run on fuel must be under five years old at the time they’re being imported. In some cases, diesel-powered cars can’t be imported at all. The importation of used agricultural and construction equipment may be subject to a permit.

Saudi Arabia: permits may be needed

Passenger vehicles less than five years old and most machines under 10 years of age can be imported into Saudi Arabia. Agricultural machines may be subject to permits, so double check before moving your equipment!

UAE: conformity letters and licenses

Exporting vehicles to the United Arab Emirates? These vehicles will be subject to a conformity letter by ESMA. You can get this letter after compliance with the new import regulations has been verified. Are you exporting used agricultural equipment? Verify that your buyer has an Agricultural Activity License.

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