Top-5 buying and selling countries for used transport vehicles

Top-5 buying and selling countries for used transport vehicles

We’ve rounded up the numbers from the past three months, and jotted down two top fives. Which countries were the biggest buyers and which were the biggest sellers of transport vehicles? The results may surprise you yet again…

Remember our post about the top buyer and seller markets for used trucks in August? That revealed some interesting and surprising statistics. But even if you’ve read that article, you’ll still be surprised by these numbers. Let’s start with the top selling countries.

Sellers: look beyond the top 3

You’re probably not  surprised by our top-3 selling countries. This will probably always be our top three – in this order. Germany takes an astonishing lead, accounting for almost half of all sales in our used transport section. In second place is the Netherlands with an eighteen percent share in this category. Belgium takes third place with five percent.

top buying selling countries used transport

However, interesting moves are being made in spots number four and five. Denmark takes fourth place with three percent of all sales in our used transport category. Spain also sold about three percent of all used transport units in the past three months, and is therefore in place number five.

Buyers: a little change

Romania – not Poland – is still our top buyer when it comes to used transport units. In our used trucks section we saw Greece in second place. However, in the current top five this country is nowhere to be found. It’s Spain in second place, followed by Italy. The remaining spots are for France (nine percent) and Germany (five percent).

Tips for our buyers and sellers

Of course we share this information because you can use it to your advantage. Here are some ways to improve your trading using this article.


If you’re a buyer, you know you can find lots of trustworthy sellers with high-quality equipment in these countries. They’re not our top selling countries for nothing. Want to get started on finding quality vehicles right away? Find your:


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