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Used trucks and tractor units: which are most popular?

Our rapidly expanding used transport equipment section is attracting more buyers every day. What are these buyers looking for? We’ve rounded up our most popular trucks and tractor units over the past three months.

Mercedes-Benz dominates the truck section

When looking at unique clicks on contact buttons in ads, our used Mercedes-Benz trucks get more clicks than all other top-5 used trucks. The Mercedes-Benz Actros is in a comfortable lead, followed by its brother, the Atego. In place three we see the Volvo FH, feeling the Iveco Eurocargo breathing down its neck. The MAN TGA completes our top five.

most popular used trucks

Tractor units: a more level playing field

Our used tractor unit section seems more balanced – even though our leader is twice as popular as the number five. The popular Actros gets almost the same percentage of clicks as a tractor unit (fifteen percent). However, that only gets it up to third place. Here it’s the used Volvo FH that takes the lead, followed by the Scania R-series. The MAN TGX comes in last, just behind the Iveco Stralis.

most popular used tractor units

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