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10 tips for successful online selling across the globe

Trading online with people and businesses from all over the world is becoming increasingly easier. Especially with our smarter marketplace where you have all the tools and resources to trade successfully beyond borders. But trading across the globe also comes with challenges. Here are some tips to stay safe and successful.

It’s no secret that the Internet brings a lot of perks to the trading game. Your shop is basically open 24/7 to buyers around the world. Having an online presence also helps to make you more trustworthy. It gives clients a chance to get to know you and your stock before making the trip out there. By providing as much transparency (showing company info and listing details), you can become a trusted online trader.

Are you a buyer?

The tips below can be used by buyers, but are aimed mostly at sellers. If you’re looking for tips to buy smarter, read our 5 tips to stay safe as a buyer. You can also read more info for both buyers and sellers on our heavy machinery blog.

1. Check (and show!) your prices

Always double check your prices before showing them online. A client’s trust can easily be dented by something like showing a lower price – even if it’s an honest mistake! Rather show “price on request”? We strongly advice against it. Most buyers will move on to the next listing when you don’t list your asking price.

2. Learn about the client’s culture

Among, but even within the world’s continents cultures can differ greatly. Understanding a client’s cultural basics can mean the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Familiarize yourself with cultural basics and be aware of your gestures. If you don’t know how to act, pay attention to your client’s gestures and replicate them. Always start out reserved, and avoid slang.

3. Know your market

Keep up with the latest (geo-)political and economical events that may have an impact on your target markets. Changes that look like problems could become advantages if you know how to deal with them. Always keep the client in mind when dealing with any geopolitical changes that might affect your business.

4. Think of the environment

Countries around the world – even developing countries – are imposing increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Some countries ban anything below Euro 4, Euro 5, or even Euro 6 emission standards. In these cases, being environmentally friendly doesn’t just help the planet. It helps your business. Read more about:

5. Always communicate

When shipping your vehicles or machines, anything can happen. Parts or even a complete piece of equipment can get lost. Shipments can get delayed. In all these cases clear communication is key. Place yourself in the client’s shoes – they’ve just paid a lot of money based mostly on trust. Keep earning that trust by communicating transparently. Even when it seems impossible, good service can turn an enemy into a loyal customer.

6. Pay attention to paperwork

When shipping any vehicle, machine, or part outside your own economic zone, make sure the paperwork is in order. As mentioned in tip #4, different countries have different requirements and regulations. When you export outside the EU, have the EX-A document ready. Make all the required preparations to import the goods into the client’s country.

7. Keep your equipment safe…

Always photograph your stock in front of a neutral background. Hide any clues that may reveal the location of your stock. Be suspicious of buyers that pay more attention to your location and surroundings than the actual listed item. And make your stock hard to steal by considering:

  • Perimeter control
  • CCTV
  • (Multi sensor) alarm systems
  • Bright lighting
  • (Collective) guard patrols and possibly dogs
  • Immobilization of equipment (disconnected batteries, keys in a safe)
  • Equipping machinery with (temporary) GPS

8. …also on the road

Your equipment is most vulnerable when transported. Here are some tips to minimize risk during transport:

  • Keep information about the route, driving times, and cargo to yourself.
  • Stay fully fueled as much as possible.
  • Don’t exceed the legal driving time.
  • Consider using two drivers to stay moving.
  • Only one driver? Check Esporg for secured parking locations.

9. Take proper action against identity or property theft

Is anyone trading under your name, or has anyone stolen goods from you that may turn up on the (dark) web? Take immediate action. Collect as much evidence as you can about the matter – without raising the criminal’s suspicion! Notify the police and hand them any details (such as ownership documents) that might help. Notify us as well, so we can take down the user.

10. Report suspicious behavior

If you see ads that might involve stolen goods, report them to us. We can then take action to confirm if the goods are indeed stolen, and notify law enforcement. Provide as much evidence as you can (such as ownership papers) for a stronger case. Whatever you do, don’t confront the suspicious seller by yourself! Let authorities deal with the matter.

Start selling smarter today!

Now that you know how to be safe and successful, it’s time to start selling smarter. Log in to your TRADUS PRO account and make sure your ads are up to date. Not a TRADUS seller yet? Go to TRADUS PRO and set up your account!


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