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Our top-5 used farming equipment shows interesting stats

Currently you can find almost 60,000 listings in our used farming equipment section. Of all those units, five particular models were the most popular in the past three months. But it was a neck-and-neck race. Find out the results.

As the smarter marketplace, we love bringing you the best info and tips. The news about our most popular farming equipment comes just weeks after another big agricultural scoop. At the beginning of this month we launched our TMV for agricultural equipment. This TMV helps sellers and buyers determine prices of equipment in the blink of an eye! Use our TRADUS Market Value Tool and this top five to trade smarter.

5 tractors from 3 brands

By far the most popular items in our agricultural section are the used tractors. And of those used tractors, three brands are the most popular: Fendt, New Holland, and Deutz-Fahr. That being said, it really was a close call.

most popular used farming equipment agriculture

As you can see, the Fendt 209 takes the lead. Roughly one in every eleven responses involves one of these tractors. Second in line is the Fendt Farmer, a versatile agricultural powerhouse. Following the two Fendts we see two New Holland tractors – the New Holland T and New Holland Tm. The Deutz-Fahr Agroplus completes the top five.

Why this info is useful

Insights in the market such as these can give you an advantage over the competition. How you use this info all depends on your role in the trading process: are you buying or selling?

Tips for buyers

The bigger the demand, the higher (and more rigid) the price. So if you’re looking for a bargain, you could treat this top five as your no-go listings. On the other hand, popularity usually means good availability of spare parts. What will your strategy be: bargain hunting or convenience? Browse all ads in our used farming equipment section now!

Tips for sellers

Looking to sell your tractors? The same tip applies to sellers: the bigger the demand, the higher (and more rigid) the prices. If you’re selling any top-five tractors, check if your prices are in line with the market. Selling tractors outside the top five? See if your price strategy on those units is still accurate. Go to your TRADUS PRO account now!


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