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These are our most popular used buses, coaches, and vans

Need to move goods or people at a sharp price? Our sections with used buses, coaches, and vans are packed with great offers. Which offers were the most interesting in the past three months? find out what our buyers thought.

A lot of Mercedes-Benz

You’ll notice in our top fives that the name Mercedes-Benz comes up a lot. Four out of ten positions in these two used transport categories feature a used Mercedes-Benz model. However, in our used buses and coaches section the winner comes from a different brand.

Used vans: obvious winner

The most popular used van on Tradus is exactly the one you’d expect. Most eyes are on the used Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.  This popular van comes in so many shapes and sizes that it’s almost impossible to ignore. No wonder 25 percent of our buyers go for this van.

most popular used vans

Following by a ten percent difference is the used Iveco Daily – also an extremely versatile hauler. The truly interesting battle, though, is the one for third, fourth, and fifth place. In third place you’ll find the used Volkswagen Transporter, which gets eleven percent of all responses. The used Ford Transit follows with only one percent difference, and has the used Nissan NV400 breathing down its neck.

Used buses and coaches: someone’s popular…

When checking out our top-five buses and coaches, one brand accounts for 35 percent of all responses to listings. Which brand? You’ve guessed it – it’s Mercedes-Benz. The used Mercedes-Benz O-series, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (again), and Mercedes-Benz Tourismo are respectively in second, third, and fourth place.

most popular used buses coaches

However, the winner is a used Setra model. A whopping 27 percent of responses to buses and coaches listings were generated by used Setra S-series vehicles. The used MAN A-series concludes our top five.

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