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Farming equipment: who sold the most – and who bought it?

Is there still movement in our agricultural section after harvest season? Our stats will show you that this market never sleeps – even after the last crops have been harvested. But who sold the most, and to whom? Check out the top selling and buying countries in our agriculture category.

One regular seller is missing…

You’d probably expect our usual top-three countries to be the top sellers in our used farming equipment category. But actually, only the top two is as you’d think. Most people went after used farming equipment in Germany, followed by the Netherlands. After that, it gets interesting.

Welcome to our Scandinavian sellers!

In third place we find the sellers of used farming equipment in Denmark breathing down the Dutch sellers’ necks. It makes sense, since Denmark has the second largest amount of listings in this category. Sweden joins the party in fourth place, followed by Finland. That’s right: Belgium is nowhere to be found in the top five.


Romanians still love our stuff!

Our used farming equipment is still extremely popular in Romania. From all the responses in our agricultural section, 32 percent came from this country. Poland comes in second, but by quite a distance: only nine percent of our buyers comes from Germany’s neighbor. Germany, Spain, and Italy complete the top five.

Speaking of Poland…

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How this info helps you

We love sharing our data with you. However, we don’t just share this out of love. As the smarter global marketplace, we want to help you trade smarter. Find out how you can use this info to your advantage.

As a buyer

Our top selling countries have one thing in common: they sell high-quality equipment. If you’re looking for the best quality, Germany, the Benelux, and Scandinavia are the best places to look. Find your used farming equipment in our most popular countries for agricultural equipment!

As a seller

Now that you know which countries are the most frequent buyers of used farming equipment, check your strategy. Are you targeting the right countries? Check and update your listings. Go to your Tradus Pro account!

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