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Big news: Tradus partners with VDL Bus & Coach

Good news for those of you looking for a used people carrier: Tradus is proud to announce yet another major partnership. This time it’s with VDL Bus & Coach. Find out what this new deal means for you.

Fast-growing section

The used buses and coaches have always played an important role in our used transport vehicles section. With the latest addition of VDL Bus & Coach, this subcategory has grown by over ten percent. But it’s not just about the amount of listings. Even more important are the great variety and expertise our new partner can bring to this section of Tradus.

Most comprehensive marketplace

For used buses and coaches, Tradus offers the most in-depth info. Apart from essential data, such as mileage, emission level, and model year, you can view many other aspects. For example, we also list interior and exterior options, the suspension type, and of course our unique price index tool.

We ❤️ data

Our price index tool? That’s right – our Tradus Market Value Tool is available in our used buses and coaches category. That means buyers see if they pay the right price in the blink of an eye. But sellers love our TMV, too. It saves them time and money on price research. Our TMV and the crucial info, tips, and market data we share are the reasons so many heavy machinery traders choose Tradus! Here’s a good example of our TMV at work:

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Used buses and coaches in all shapes and sizes

What can you expect from VDL in our used buses and coaches section? As you can see, they offer people carriers in all shapes and sizes. Prices start at € 4,900 and go up to € 234,500. In addition to their own brand VDL, you can find more than ten other brands for sale. Of course, you’ll see popular brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Bova, Scania, and Neoplan among their listings.

About our new partnership

Joost Goedhart, our Sales Lead Europe, is very pleased with the new partnership he managed to set up. Joost: “With currently over 1,600 listed used buses and coaches, this category plays an important role. The demand for buses and coaches is particularly high in countries like Italy, Romania, and France. As an international sales platform we offer sellers of used commercial vehicles access to all these important markets.”

Getting curious?

If you’re looking for a used bus or coach, this new partnership may just be what you need. Curious to see what our new partner has to offer? Check out VDL Bus & Coach on Tradus!

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  1. This partnership will have a major impact on the rental market.
    Those who are smart must take advantage of this opportunity immediately.
    This allows you to buy from a consolidated and official place (Tradus).

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