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Excavators: which brands are the most popular?

We’ve been digging through our data to get you the latest dirt on our used excavators. Instead of specific models, we look at the most popular makes this time. Which brand takes home the gold in these quarters of our used construction equipment section? Find out now!

What would your guess be?

If you look at the search box in our used excavators category, you see that Caterpillar is best represented. Over fourteen percent of the almost 8,000 used excavators on Tradus come from this brand. With close to a hundred other brands in this section, that’s a large chunk! However…

You guessed wrong

It’s not Caterpillar we find in first place. Caterpillar is in second place, accounting for about fourteen percent of all responses. The winner, JCB, got a staggering 22 percent of all responses – that’s over one in every five responses! On top of that, it’s only the fourth largest brand in our used excavator section. An impressive job!

most popular excavators

In third, fourth, and fifth place we find Komatsu, Hitachi, and Volvo. Unsurprisingly, these three brands are also among the five most listed brands. What’s more remarkable is the close finish we see at the bottom of the top five. Komatsu got nine percent of all responses, while Hitachi and Volvo both got around seven percent. Truly a photo finish!

What you can do with this info

As the smarter global heavy machinery marketplace, we want to help you with in-depth knowledge and data. There are several ways to benefit from the info in this article. How you benefit depends on your role in the trading process.

Are you a buyer?

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Are you a seller?

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  1. But what caused this turnaround? Is it measurable? Because of price? Or more favorable terms. It is true that what is best known does not mean that it is most sought after.
    Educational data.

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