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Our expansion in the EU: top 5 countries

You might have noticed that Tradus is growing like never before. We’re attracting buyers and sellers left and right. Where will your next used machine or vehicle come from – or go to? Find out where we expanded the fastest in January 2020.

Fastest growing buyer markets

As you may know, we’re market leader in Central Europe when it comes to connecting buyers and sellers. And we keep increasing our share in these markets. However, we expanded even faster in five other markets. The biggest growth spurt for Tradus happened in Norway. Our buyer base increased by a whopping eighteen percent in this Scandinavian country!

increase registered heavy machinery buyers january

Following closely are Luxembourg and Albania (both sixteen percent). Iceland and Malta (both fourteen percent) complete the top five of EU countries.

What does this mean for sellers?

As a seller of heavy machinery and/or commercial vehicles, these numbers can help your business. Find out what these buyers are looking for, and see if you can meet their demand. If you can, make sure you use the right strategy. Start by checking and (if needed) updating your ads in your Tradus Pro account!

Seller markets: completely different story

When looking at the numbers you can truly see the need for a heavy machinery marketplace that crosses borders. Because as you can see, our seller base has expanded the most rapidly in completely different countries! Last month’s big winner is France, which shows a seventeen percent growth.

increase registered heavy machinery sellers january

We’ve also attracted quite a lot of sellers from the UK (fifteen percent more) and Italy (thirteen percent more). The seller base in one of our biggest markets, Romania, grew eleven percent. Belgium completes the top five with a seven percent growth.

What does this mean for buyers?

Are you looking for your next used vehicle or machine? There could be a great reason to search in one of these countries, such as certain regulations or proximity. Feeling inspired? Take a look at the listings from these top-five countries!


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  1. Here in Central Europe, Hungary alone, we see and sense the presence of Tradus at work. I can’t speak in many countries.

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