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These are the top buyers and sellers of used material handling equipment

Many buyers and sellers come to Tradus to trade used transport equipment, used construction vehicles and machines, or used farming materiel. In addition to these categories, our section with used material handling equipment is growing rapidly! But who bought the most – and from whom? Check out our top-five buying and selling countries for used material handling equipment!

Types of used material handling equipment

When we’re talking about used material handling equipment, we mean a broad range of machines and vehicles. On Tradus, this category of equipment is divided in no less than thirteen subcategories:

So who bought (and sold) the most? Find out below!

Top sellers: a few familiar names

When looking at the statistics, it’s safe to say buyers in this category are looking for quality. That’s why Germany is firmly in the lead, accounting for almost a third of the sales. About a quarter of the equipment is being sold by the Dutch, who come in second place. Third, at quite a distance, is Denmark (5.7 percent).

top sellers used material handling equipment

So who’s missing from the standard list? That’s right: Belgium. The Belgians share fourth place with the United Kingdom, each catering to five percent of the market.

Top buyers: even more familiar names

For us as the market leader in Romania, it’s no surprise this country takes the lead in our buyers’ top five. The rest of the top five is also no surprise to those who keep up with our latest news.

top buyers used material handling equipment

As you can see, Italy and Greece share second place (each eight percent), followed by Spain (six percent) and France (five percent).

What this info does for you

Trading smarter means staying on top of market trends. By joining Tradus, we keep you informed – in addition to connecting you to a world of heavy machinery. What can you do with these stats?

Are you a buyer?

The sellers in our top five are well represented among the listings in our marketplace. If you’re looking for high-quality used material handling equipment, these are definitely some of the best places to look. Check out all material handling listings from our top-five sellers!

Are you a seller?

You know which buyers are looking for your equipment. Now it’s time to reach them with the right message in the right language. Are your ads up to date? Update your listings in Tradus PRO!


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