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Used vans: top selling and buying countries for February

Vans move people, and people move vans. But which people moved the most used vans in February? Take a look at our top buying and selling countries, and see if these stats move you.

What are we looking at?

When we talk about our used vans, we mean all types of haulers. We’ve filed them neatly under nine categories in our used transport vehicles section:

For our top fives, we’ve looked at the numbers from all these categories combined. And the stats that came out are pretty interesting to say the least.

Top sellers

It’s not so much the order of countries in the top five selling countries that caught our eye. The top three is as you’d expect – Germany in the lead, followed by the Netherlands and then Belgium. Finding Italy and Spain in places four and five won’t come as a shock either. The surprise is in the numbers. Germany attracted 63 percent of our buyers, almost twice as much as all others combined!

top-5 selling countries used vans

The Netherlands follows at a great distance catering to 16.2 percent of our buyers. Belgium is not exactly right behind the Dutch either, helping out 5.5 percent of our buyer base. Italy and Spain both get less than three percent of all the attention in this category. Still, it’s more than twice as much as any other country gets.

Top buyers

So who’s taking a look at all these offers? Traditionally, Romania takes the lead in our buyer base. And quite a big one – 27.4 percent of used van buyers is Romanian. Spain is in second place with ‘only’ 17.2 percent. France, accounting for 12.8 percent of our buyers, comes in third place. Italy (7.5 percent) and Greece (5.6 percent) complete the top five.

top-5 buying countries used vans

Why this is important info

For both buyers and sellers, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest statistics. Here’s how these top fives help you.

Are you a buyer?

Our members that are looking for used vans are all looking for high-quality vehicles. And the top-five countries are where you can find them. Want to have a look for yourself? Check out the used vans in our top-five selling countries!

Are you a seller?

Now you know who’s checking out your ads. So make sure you target these buyers the right way! Are your ads up to date and ready to attract our top buyers? Go to your Tradus Pro account now!

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