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COVID-19: tips from Tradus for smart and safe selling

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge many longstanding business practices and conventions. How do you keep running your business during these challenging times? Here are some tips and tools for sellers using Tradus.

Make maximum use of our platform

Keeping physical interaction to a minimum is paramount to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus from spreading. Limit physical interaction with (potential) buyers by giving them as much detailed info about your stock as possible. For example:

  • Provide all core attributes of your vehicle or machine.
  • Upload as many detailed photos as possible, not only of the good parts, but also of any damages and other imperfections.
  • Include documentation of the item, such as historic maintenance reports and a certified inspection report (if possible).
  • Provide a detailed description of the item to make it easier for buyers to find the item using various search terms.

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How we help you

Of course we do everything on our end to maximize your ad views as well – COVID-19 pandemic or not. These are some of the tools that help you get a full grip on the market:

  • Our personalized buyer recommendation features draw attention to your listings from buyers who are most likely to be interested in your stock.
  • Only registered buyers can contact you in order to ensure you only receive calls and emails from high-quality leads.
  • Our Tradus Market Value Tool or TMV helps sellers set prices without having to do extensive price research. Plus, transparent prices mean less negotiating.
  • Your own in-depth analytics dashboard shows you exactly how well your ads perform.
  • Real-time translation software makes communicating with buyers easy, regardless of their native language.
  • The latest news, insights, and tips, such as our tips for successful online selling across the globe.

And we’re launching more helpful features really soon… Keep an eye on our Tradus heavy machinery blog for product updates!

When dealing with buyers in person

Because the COVID-19 coronavirus is so contagious, it’s important to only deal with buyers in person if necessary. Any contact that can be avoided should be avoided. However, some parts – like a machine or vehicle inspection – need to be done in person. When dealing with buyers in person, always adhere to the procedures that prevent the virus from spreading:

  • Keep your distance. Don’t come within the recommended minimum distance of 2 meters (or 6 feet) of each other.
  • Make sure the buyer has no symptoms of COVID-19 – otherwise don’t meet at all.
  • Don’t go along on test drives unless you really need to. It’s better to keep a personal item of the buyer as a surety.
  • Don’t hand anything (keys, paperwork, etc.) directly to the buyer. Place it on a table for the buyer to pick it up.
  • Don’t shake hands – even when you seal the deal – or make any other form of physical contact.
  • Disinfect the parts of the vehicle or machine that were touched during the test drive or inspection.

Delivering to a buyer?

When delivering a vehicle or machine to a buyer, you may need to take extra precautions. Always check the latest COVID-19 info for the transport sector before heading out!

Keep up with the latest news

Being the smarter heavy machinery marketplace, we keep you informed about the latest news and trends. We regularly update our blog with news and info on the COVID-19 coronavirus. Read more Tradus COVID-19 updates.

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