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New: Close the deal via WhatsApp

Want to communicate instantly for the perfect deal? In addition to talking over the phone, heavy machinery traders on Tradus can now chat via WhatsApp. The best part: it’s really easy! Find out how you can communicate 21st century style from now on.

Sellers: how to turn on WhatsApp in Tradus Pro

Want buyers to contact you via WhatsApp? To make this possible, you have to turn on the WhatsApp function in your Tradus Pro account. Luckily, this is easy:

  1. Go to your Tradus Pro account.
  2. Go to “Profile” > “Details”.
  3. Look for the switch next to “Are you available on WhatsApp?”
  4. Check the box!

tradus contact buyers via whatsapp

Of course you have to be able to receive WhatsApp messages on the phone number you’ve listed on your account. So make sure you’re using the correct number.

Buyers: how to reach sellers via WhatsApp

As a buyer you’ll need to have two apps installed on your phone: the Tradus App and WhatsApp. In the Tradus App you can browse through listings as you always do. When you see a listing that you like, just open it. Among the contact options, you’ll see WhatsApp – but only if the seller has turned on this function. Tap on the button to start chatting!

tradus contact sellers via whatsapp

Don’t have the free Tradus App yet?

In addition to the perfect user experience for mobile heavy machinery trading, the Tradus App offers many other perks. For example, the Tradus App comes with the very convenient Tradus Seller Map. This helps you close in on your favorite seller. You can download the free Tradus App in the App Store or via Google Play.

Don’t have WhatsApp yet?

With 1.6 billion users worldwide (as of October 2019), WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app available. It’s no wonder we’ve chosen to use this app as an extra means of communication for traders. Not using this chat service yet? Find out more here.

Get started now!

Take your heavy machinery trading to the next level. Start using WhatsApp on Tradus:

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