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Business tips for heavy machinery sellers during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged many business owners to come up with new ways to assure continuity in these times. As a heavy machinery seller, what are ways to keep your business going? Here are some general tips to help you during – and after – the pandemic.

Revamp your online presence

Since physically visiting any place is strongly discouraged or in some countries even forbidden, being online has become more important. With current technology it’s now easier than ever to bridge the gap created by the COVID-19 measures. Give customers the experience of being in your showroom from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some tips on how to do this.

1. Make a video of your showroom to show your stock

Do you have a big showroom or lot? Create a video or series of videos to post on your website or social media. Walk your potential buyers through your listed inventory. You can make separate videos for every brand, every type of vehicle, or any other category. Or, if you have the time, make as many videos of separate (popular) units as possible. For tips on how to shoot a video, check this article by >wave.video.

2. Keep your website up to date

Now more than ever, online is where your buyers can check your business and stock. In addition to making sure your listings on Tradus are up to date, updating your own website is just as important. It’s your online storefront. Make sure that it looks good and all the info is up to date.

3. Check and update your Google listing

What do people see when they Google your company? Google provides listings for businesses in its search results. For example, this is (part of) the listing you see when you search for Tradus:

tradus covid business tips heavy machinery listing

Keep your Google business listing up to date with correct and relevant info. Do note that Google has said that they’re prioritizing updating listings for critical professions in these times. That means your updates might take a while to show.

4. Make sure you’re available on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great way to connect with buyers across the globe. You can now enable the option for buyers to contact you via WhatsApp. It’s done at the flick of a switch in your Tradus Pro profile. Read more here about using WhatsApp on Tradus.

5. Offer video chat for inspections

Before inviting a buyer over, you can do as of the inspection as possible through video chat. This can be done using WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, or any other platform that supports video. Tip: if the buyer comes over to inspect the equipment, check these tips for disinfecting your equipment after an inspection.

6. Be creative with email

Now is the time to keep in touch with your customers. Most businesses sent out a COVID-19 response email when the crisis started. Now it’s time to stay connected to your (potential) buyers. You can be funny, clever, insightful, or whatever you think is a good way to connect with your audience. Just stay relevant and stand out with a unique message.

7. Engage your audience on social media

Social media usage has gone up drastically since the COVID-19 crisis. Not too surprising, considering most people are encouraged or even obligated to stay inside. This is the time to engage your audience with meaningful content. Don’t just post offers and discounts. Get to know your audience even better by engaging in conversations. This will also help you once the crisis passes.

Come out stronger

Of course, this crisis will pass at some point – and that point is coming closer every day. Now is the time to look at your business and see what you can do to come out stronger.

8. Prepare for recovery

Once we all (gradually) start regaining our freedom of movement, the market will start to recover. Take time to think about the strategy you’ll use once the lockdown and social distancing measures are lifted. You won’t be the only one trying to get back your lost market share, but you can take a head start by planning it upfront.

9. Upskill your staff

It goes without saying that it’s best to hold on to your staff as much as possible. If you have a skilled and loyal team, they’ll support you the best they can. Instead of adding new employees for new tasks, try to upskill your existing workers. There’s an endless range of budget-friendly online courses to keep your staff trained – and motivated.

10. Tackle all those things you never got around to

We all have unfinished tasks lying around. It can range from painting that door to giving your stock a good detailing. But it could also be something big, like a new business strategy you were meaning to look into. In this case, the COVID-19 crisis is a blessing in disguise. All those things you (or your staff) couldn’t do in busier times can be taken care of now.

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