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Ad Comparison Feature: better overview, smarter buying

Getting tired of having to switch back and forth between different listings to compare features and specs? We hear you loud and clear. From now on, you can neatly place ads side by side in our Ad Comparison Feature. Take a look at the new step towards smarter, easier, and better-informed trading!

How it works

The all-new Tradus Ad Comparison Feature saves you the time and hassle of switching back and forth between listings. You can add the vehicles you want to compare to a convenient comparison chart. In this chart you see all the specs placed side by side. Now you can check which vehicle or machine is the best fit for you at a simple glance!

How to compare listings in the Tradus Mobile App

Want to start comparing listings? It’s super easy! Just follow these steps to get started right away.

Step 1: Open the Tradus Mobile App

For now, the Ad Comparison Feature is only available in the Tradus Mobile App. Don’t have it on your phone yet? It’s the easiest way to trade heavy equipment on the go. In addition to this Ad Comparison Feature, the Tradus Mobile App also features a convenient Seller Map and the option to contact heavy equipment sellers via Whatsapp. Get your free Tradus Mobile App:

Step 2: Search for the vehicle or machine of your choice.

What do you want to compare? Start by searching for the item you’re interested in. You can make this search as broad (or specific) as you want.

tradus ad comparison feature step 2

Step 3: Start swiping!

In the listings overview you’ll now see all the listings that match your search criteria. Make sure you’re viewing the listings in List View or Gallery View. See anything you like? Swipe the listing to the left. A compare button will appear. Tap this button to add the listing to your comparison.

tradus ad comparison feature step 3

Step 4: Tap the comparison button

All the listings you’ve added will now show a comparison icon. You’ll notice a blue button with that same icon at the bottom of your screen.

tradus ad coparison feature step 4

Tap this button to start the comparison. You’ll now see the listings neatly placed next to each other for clear and easy comparison.

Step 5: Compare!

As you can see below, all the info from the ad is visible in the comparison feature. Comparing all the features will help you make a better-informed decision.

tradus ad comparison feature step 5

Start comparing today

Be smart about your next purchase. Search your used heavy equipment with the Tradus Mobile App and start comparing! Get your free Tradus Mobile App today:

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