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March 2020: COVID-19 didn’t slow down our farmers

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we’ve been constantly monitoring the market. On our Tradus Blog we share the latest updates and tips for both buyers and sellers. Recently we’ve researched the impact of COVID-19 on the agricultural industry in March 2020. Find out what we’ve discovered.

Search for agricultural equipment continues

In the first month the COVID-19 pandemic reached a global scale, the market showed minimal response. Compared to a month earlier, the search volume in March 2020 went down by just a little over seven percent. As a comparison, the drop in interest in used agricultural machinery that the market observed during the financial crisis in 2009 was much steeper.

Less volatile industry

Usually the interest in capital goods such as agricultural machinery takes a dive when a crisis hits. However, because of the steady demand for agricultural products, this sector proves to be less volatile than other industries. A good sign, especially when considering the role of the agricultural sector in supplying food to the population.

Production stops

There are other reasons why we see such a small decline in searches for used agricultural equipment. With many production lines being temporarily closed, the supply of new machines will stagnate. Buyers looking for new equipment may turn to used tractors, used harvesters, and other used farming equipment. This could even lead to an increase in demand for used machines – despite the crisis.

Price sensitivity

Last but not least, crises always force companies to perform budget cuts. Every expense is extensively weighed, which means investments in machinery have to be carefully considered. When investing on a tight budget, turning to used instead of new equipment could prove to be a smart decision.

Where we come in

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Trustworthy traders

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Well-documented used equipment

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Price transparency

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