Market analysis used equipment rebounding

Market analysis: used equipment market shows signs of rebounding

Good news: The market is picking up again after the COVID-19 pandemic caused a slow down in late March and early April. We have seen a steep rise in ad views in the past two weeks (13 April – 26 April) compared to the two prior weeks (30 March – 12 April). What’s more, buyers seem to be a lot more serious about doing business. Check out the full story.

Big demand for used construction equipment

We can tell from the stats that the construction industry is preparing for spring – crisis or no crisis. A whopping 27 percent more buyers are looking at listings for used construction equipment in the past two weeks compared to the two weeks prior. Especially in Romania (+47 percent) and Poland (+40 percent) the used construction equipment market is picking up. And buyers are serious: Construction equipment sellers received 43 percent more leads!

Used transport equipment buyers want to do business

With ‘only’ twenty percent growth in ad views over the past two weeks, our used transport equipment section scored below average. However, this section is where buyers seem to be the most serious right now. Sellers received 46 percent more leads from buyers. The biggest growth was seen in Poland (an astonishing 131 percent) and Spain (an also impressive 84 percent).

Used farming equipment section picks up as well

Looking at ad views, our used farming equipment section grew above average (23 percent) over the past two weeks. Buyers from Poland and Romania (both 33 percent) showed the biggest increase in interest. In terms of leads this section scored below average. However, a 37-percent rise in leads is still quite a lot!

Top-3 countries may surprise you

With Tradus being the biggest in Romania, it won’t surprise you this country is in our top 3 of fastest risers. But with a 25-percent ad view and 48-percent lead increase, it’s only in third place when it comes to growth over the past two weeks. In Poland and Spain, demand grew even faster. 35 percent more ads were viewed by Polish buyers, and 63 percent more leads were sent. Spanish buyers looked at 32 percent more ads, but were a lot more responsive: The total number of leads grew by 84 percent!

Overall picture sparks confidence

When we take the numbers from all European countries across all categories, we see a huge increase in ad views. Each main category went up at least twenty percent, and overall the ad views grew 22 percent. Even more staggering is the increase in leads, 42 percent overall. As you can see, the used equipment trading business is booming!

Why this is a great time for buyers

You’re going to want a Tradus buyer account in these times. Sellers are looking to make a good deal, so there’s no better moment to get in on the action. You can create your Tradus buyer account here, and start browsing the listings in our heavy equipment marketplace!

Why this is a great time for sellers

The numbers don’t lie – there’s business to be done! Buyers from all over Europe are looking for equipment, and they’re serious. This is the time to step up and make sure your equipment is in the spotlight. Check out how to boost your ads and update your listings in your Tradus Pro account!

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