most popular used tractor units

Tractor units: our top performers of 2020 so far

Our stats are showing that the used heavy equipment market seems to be rebounding after a short dip from the COVID-19 crisis. We saw a 46-percent increase in leads from transport equipment buyers in the second half of April. But what do the overall stats for 2020 look like? When zooming in on our used tractor units, these were the top performers in the first four months of 2020.

Look closer…

The order of our top five of most popular used tractor units remained exactly the same as it was in the last quarter of 2019, our stats show. The big news is in the details, though. As you can see, all top-five used tractor units got a smaller percentage of overall leads. The biggest loser is our number one – the Volvo FH. All is relative however, as this tractor unit is still in a comfortable lead.

most popular used tractor units

The other four – the Scania R-series, Mercedes-Benz Actros, Iveco Stralis, and MAN TGX – went down between 3.4 and 5.5 percent. Many of these leads went to a brand that we don’t see in the top five above, but we do find in the top five below.

How did DAF get listed in the top-5 brands?

The Volvo FH alone generated more leads than any other brand did overall. That’s why used Volvo tractor units are the most popular in their category. In second place is Scania. DAF, which isn’t to be seen in our top five of tractor unit models, concludes the top three. Although not popular enough to make the model top five, the used DAF XF series and subseries have always been highly sought after on our marketplace.

most popular used tractor units

In fourth and fifth place we find Mercedes-Benz and MAN. Together with DAF, they’ve managed to keep Iveco out of the brand top five.

What’s your strategy?

Now that you know the numbers it’s time to look at your strategy. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from these stats:

  • Buyers know that the more popular a used tractor unit is, the harder it is to get a bargain. But what about lesser popular units? Go to our used tractor units to look for interesting alternatives!
  • Sellers now know what our buyers are looking for. Make sure these units are prominently displayed among your listings. Go to your Tradus Pro account to update your ad strategy!

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