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Zooming in on the right equipment: Saved Searches and Similar Offer Alerts

Do you have a Tradus buyer account? All serious buyers on our platform do. For sellers, this shows that you’re on Tradus to do business. But there are more perks to our buyer account. Let’s zoom in on two of them: Saved Searches and Similar Offer Alerts.

Why sign up for a buyer account?

All buyers that want to do business have a buyer account on Tradus. It’s the only way to get into contact with a seller. Only registered buyers can contact our sellers. Thanks to our convenient translation service, it doesn’t matter which language you speak. We make sure the message gets across! Interested in a Tradus buyer account? Create your free account here.

Save your searches

Say you’re looking for a used tractor unit. But not just any will do. It has to be a used Mercedes-Benz Actros with less than 100,000 kms driven, a double rear axle, automatic transmission, etc. You may have entered 40 different criteria, only to find out your perfect vehicle is currently not available. By using the Saved Searches feature, you can save your search and check back later with just one click. Imagine the hassle this feature will save you!

How to save a search

In this example we’ve searched for a used MAN TGA 26.360 with an automatic transmission. This search came up with five vehicles, but none of them match that exact model we’re looking for. So we’re saving this search for later. The way to do this depends on the device you’re using.


On our desktop website you click the star at the top of the search form (above ‘Filters’). In the image below you can see where to locate the star.

tradus saved search desktop

Tradus Mobile App

Of course you can also save your searches in the Tradus Mobile App. The Save Search button is conveniently located at the bottom of your screen.

tradus saved search mobile

Don’t have our app yet? Check out how to download the Tradus Mobile App here.

How to remove saved searches

Done searching for a particular vehicle? In your buyer account under ‘My saved searches’ you can delete saved searches you no longer need. Just click ‘delete’ on your desktop or swipe a saved search left and tap the trash icon in the mobile app.

Get Similar Offer Alerts

Found a unit you like, but something’s still keeping you from closing the deal? If you can’t find any similar units, let us search for you. Subscribe to our Similar Offer Alerts. This way you’ll get an email when we find a listing similar to the one you had your eye on.

How to sign up for Similar Offer Alerts

Signing up for Similar Offer Alerts is very easy. All it takes is the click or tap of a button. Find out where this button is located.


When viewing an ad on our desktop website, you’ll find the seller’s contact information on the right of your screen. Below the contact information is where you’ll find the link to sign up for Similar Offer Alerts.

tradus similar offer alerts desktop

Tradus Mobile App

In our app you can also find a link to sign up for Similar Offer Alerts in the ad, but in a different place. Here the link is placed below the ad description, as you can see in the example below.

tradus similar offer alerts mobile

How to remove Similar Offer Alerts

Don’t want to receive emails with similar offers anymore? There are two ways to remove them:

  1. Clicked or tapped a link to receive Similar Offer Alerts by mistake? Just click or tap it again to undo the action.
  2. Go to your Tradus buyer account and select ‘My alerts’ in the account menu. Here you’ll see all active alerts. On your desktop you’ll find a button to remove any alerts you don’t need anymore. In the mobile app, swipe the alert to the left and tap the trash icon.

Start using our convenient features today

Want to improve your used heavy equipment searches today? Check out these features in action. Log in to your Tradus buyer account and start browsing the ads on our heavy machinery marketplace!

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