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Buyer tip: more success with heavy equipment sellers

Want to successfully close a deal with one of our sellers? We’ve asked our sellers what increases a buyer’s chances of getting a response. What you’ll read here will probably surprise you and will definitely increase your chances of success!

What doesn’t matter at all: language and website

You might think that coming from a specific website or speaking the seller’s language matters. However, it doesn’t – at all. Not one seller said they respond faster to buyers that come from specific websites. Language was also no issue for any seller. The latter might be because Tradus translates messages you send to our sellers automatically.

What hardly matters: origin

Out of all our heavy equipment sellers, 4.5 percent says they look where a buyer’s from. They’ll be more responsive to buyers from the same country. This doesn’t mean that these sellers won’t at all respond to other buyers, though. Also, 95.5 percent of sellers said two other factors were more important. This is where you as a buyer can really improve your chances – regardless of where you’re from.

Very important: being responsive

No less than 45.5 percent of our sellers said they think it’s most important that the buyer is responsive to their communication. They say the most responsive buyers will get their answers first. So once you get a conversation started with a seller, keep it going!

Most importantly: add a personalized message

It’s very tempting to just check the standard questions we’ve prepared for you and press ‘send’. However, fifty percent of our sellers will most likely push you to the back of the line if you do. That’s right: half of our sellers respond faster when you add a personalized or custom message. So don’t be afraid to add your own words to your email or WhatsApp message!

more success heavy equipment sellers

Conclusion: communicate!

So there you have it. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or which website you’re from. Most sellers won’t even care where you’re from. However, if you want to have any success with our sellers, make sure you give your message a personal touch. And don’t forget to respond!

Find your next used heavy equipment now

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