Use a credit card to pay for your Tradus selling package

Selling a vehicle on Tradus? You can now pay by credit card!

The last few weeks have been challenging for almost everyone, but there’s good news on the horizon. In the first half of May, we saw interest from buyers and sellers increase significantly in Italy, France, Spain and other countries, indicating that things are starting up again.

To make it easier to do business on Tradus, we’ve partnered with Stripe and started accepting credit cards as payment for vehicle listings. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or PayPal, that’s still fine, but now there’s another convenient option to choose from.

A safe and simple way to pay

All major credit cards are now accepted by Tradus, so you can use a Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or American Express to complete your transaction in any country. Want to speed things up? You can also digitally store credit and debit card numbers on your account, so you won’t have to type in a long number every time you need to pay.

Safety is a top priority for Tradus when it comes to all payments and transactions, credit cards included. We decided to partner with Stripe because of their innovative technology, which uses machine learning to prevent fraud, keeping your information secure and providing peace of mind.

Benefitting from the recovery

Credit card payments are just another feature Tradus offers to make selling vehicles, including transport vans, refrigerated trucks and semi-trailers, a pain-free process. As Europe starts recovering from the crisis, being able to do business quickly – and without hassle – is more important than ever.

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