Doing business in times of the coronavirus: demand is still going strong

The last few months have been tough for businesses around the world, with social distancing measures affecting the way we work and do business. It’s not all bad news, though. Demand for vehicles is still healthy, creating opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

Sellers are looking to do deals

If you’re looking to buy a new truck, now’s the time to act: the selection of vehicles for sale across Europe has increased, making it easier to find exactly what you want. In the first half of May, the number of postings on Tradus for transport trucks in Poland climbed by 146%. Postings for construction vehicles rose by 122% in Poland as well as in Spain. Ads posted by sellers in Germany and the Netherlands have climbed significantly as well, and with so many people looking to offload vehicles, there are plenty of good deals.

The demand for vehicles is rising

Buyer activity on Tradus is picking up as well. In Romania, the number of leads sent by buyers looking for construction vehicles climbed 73% in the first half of May, and rose an astounding 112% in Italy, signaling that projects are starting up again as the economy starts gaining traction. Greece and France have also seen a significant uptick in leads for transport vehicles, so if you’ve been waiting to sell something, don’t delay.

Staying safe when selling

The measures in place due to the coronavirus have made everything a little different when it comes to selling vehicles. Instead of going for a ride together, let a potential buyer take your vehicle for a solo test drive. You could also look into offering contactless delivery, where the vehicle is sanitized, loaded onto a trailer for delivery and dropped off in a designated spot for pick-up. This might not be an option for every type of vehicle, but you can explore creating a custom process that works for you.

Buying a vehicle while staying healthy

There are many ways to stay healthy while buying a new vehicle, even if there are strict lockdown measures in place where you are. Instead of meeting up with a seller and personally inspecting a vehicle, request a detailed video tour instead. Ask about conducting the transaction entirely online, as opposed to signing paperwork in person, and make sure the last person driving the vehicle before handing it over wipes down surfaces like the steering wheel and door handles with anti-bacterial cleaner.

Trustworthy partners

Another thing that’s good to keep in mind is that all our sellers are trustworthy and safe business partners. Every seller on Tradus has been reviewed and verified by the Tradus team, so you know you are dealing with vetted business partners only.

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