Update your Tradus seller profile now

We’ve updated our seller profiles, so you can now share more about your business and what you offer potential buyers, letting you create a great relationship with customers from the start.

Let buyers know about special services

Have you started providing special services, or made changes to the way you operate due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak? Letting buyers know what you’re doing to keep them safe, whether it’s closing deals online or offering long-term vehicle reservations, only takes a few moments.

And when you let people know what you’re doing through your profile, you can minimize phone calls, emails and questions from buyers wanting to know how you’re looking after them.

To make updates, log into your Tradus PRO account, click ‘profile’ on the left-hand side, scroll down to ‘services’ and add the services you’re offering. In only a few minutes, you can provide valuable information that will make people feel at ease.

Tradus.com additional services
Tradus.com additional services

Share your website on your profile

There’s another exciting new feature on Tradus: you can now include a link to your website on your profile. Buyers have told us that visiting a seller’s website helps them gain trust. When people know who they’re buying from, they feel more comfortable, so don’t hesitate to share your company’s story and start building a great relationship.

To add your site, just log into your account, click ‘profile’ on the left side of the screen and update your website info in the ‘details’ section.

Share what languages you speak

Doing business across borders can be challenging, but you can make things simpler by adding the languages you speak to your profile. This can also help attract buyers from different regions. Seamless communication is vital to closing sales, making this information extra important.

If you receive interest from someone who doesn’t speak your language, don’t worry. Tradus automatically translates all email messages into the preferred language of buyers and sellers, so you can still get your message across.

To update the languages you do business in, just sign in your Tradus PRO account, click ‘profile’ on the left-hand side and make the necessary changes.

Tradus.com spoken languages
Tradus.com spoken languages


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