Add a video to your vehicle listing

Selling something on Tradus? Enhance your listing by adding a video that takes viewers on a tour of your vehicle, reveals details that are difficult to capture in photos and builds a relationship with buyers.

Rising demand for vehicles

Though the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused business to slow down around the world, the number of people looking to buy a vehicle on Tradus has risen over the last few weeks. Don’t miss your chance to benefit as the economy recovers – list your vehicle and share it with potential buyers through a video.

Videos are a safe way to see a vehicle

Even though things are starting to return to normal, many people are still avoiding face-to-face meetings. Fortunately, a video can take the place of an in-person inspection, letting viewers learn more about your vehicle while keeping a safe distance.

Videos can also help put people at ease. In a recent Tradus survey, buyers said seeing a vehicle’s details helps them trust a listing, and they’re more likely to send a lead to a seller they have confidence in.

How to upload a video

Adding a video to a listing is fast and easy. Start by making a video of your vehicle that shows it from every angle and includes important features, such as the condition of the wheels and the interior, to make people feel like they’re seeing it in real life.

When you’re done, upload the video to YouTube and log into your Tradus PRO account. Next, click ‘my stock’, and then ‘all’ on the left-hand side of the screen. Select ‘edit’ on the listing that you want to feature the video, and then add the YouTube link to the ‘media’ section – that’s it!

Update your listings now or browse Tradus to see sellers using videos.

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