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5 of the world’s most amazing dump trucks

Who doesn’t love dump trucks? There’s something satisfying about watching one unload tons of gravel and the sight of a dump truck salting the roads in winter can make you feel better about driving to work. They come in all shapes and sizes and can handle almost any task – take a look at some of our favorite models.

How much can a dump truck carry?

How much a dump truck can carry depends on the model. Bigger dump trucks can haul up to 450 metric tons – that’s just over 990,000 pounds! Little ones can usually carry between 5.8 and 6.8 metric tons, though some models have smaller limits. To avoid problems, be sure to review the recommendations for your dump truck before loading it up.

Check out some of the most amazing dump trucks below!

1. What is the world’s biggest dump truck?


The BELAZ-7571 is probably the world’s biggest dump truck. A real monster, it weighs 360,000 kilos, has a payload capacity of 450 metric tons and was made to transport rocks for the mining industry. It can endure temperatures ranging from -50 to +50 Celsius and the brutal conditions found at deep open-pit mines.

This ultra class model can also be used for big construction projects and building highway systems. Its speed tops out at roughly 64 kilometers an hour and it has eight wheels, including four driving wheels. The BELAZ-7571 was even honored with a Belarusian postage stamp bearing its likeness!

2. What is the world’s smallest dump truck?

Suzuki Carry HD Dump Truck 4X4

The world’s littlest dump truck is downright adorable! The Suzuki Carry HD Dump Truck 4X4 proves good things come in small packages. Made in Japan, this tiny dump truck is good for carrying modest loads and has four-wheel drive and a five-speed manual transmission. The truck’s engine is located beneath the front seat and there’s even a cup holder for your coffee.

3. What is the biggest electric dump truck?

Komatsu 980E-5 Electric Drive Mining Truck

With a payload capacity of just over 382 metric tons, the Komatsu 980E-5 Electric Drive Mining Truck is the world’s largest electric dump truck. This 3,500-horsepower beast has a 400-ton payload and weighs 265,125 kilos when empty. Compared to previous models, it also consumes less fuel and releases a smaller amount of particulate matter emissions.

4. What is the best driverless dump truck?

Scania AXL

Some dump trucks are so high-tech they don’t need a driver! The Scania AXL almost seems like something from a sci-fi movie. With its sleek, futuristic design, it’s stunning to look at and as it’s fully autonomous, it doesn’t even have a cab. Though it’s still in the concept stage, the Scania AXL might change the way mining and other heavy-duty jobs are done in the future, when self-driving vehicles powered by biofuel will become more commonplace.

5. Which type of dump truck is the hardest to tip over?

Side dump truck

Side dump trucks are the hardest to tip over, making them a smart choice for handling massive loads. These trucks feature hydraulic rams that tilt the back of the truck to the side, pouring out its contents to either the right or left of the vehicle. However, a side dump truck can tip if the unloading process is stopped too soon, so drivers always have to be careful.

Looking to buy a dump truck?

Tradus has dump trucks for sale across Europe and carries all the best brands, including Volvo, Caterpillar, Ausa and Thwaites. Whether you need something that can haul hundreds of tons or a simpler model for small projects, you can find it on our site. Browse our listings today to find the perfect one for you.

Tradus has dump trucks for sale across Europe and carries all the best brands, including Volvo, Caterpillar, Ausa and Thwaites.

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