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See what Tractors are the most in-demand on Tradus

Tractors are always a hot commodity on Tradus. Before buying or selling one, take a few minutes to learn about some of the most popular brands and gain valuable insights into what buyers are looking for, and which models are preferred by experienced agriculture professionals.

John Deere is a tried and trusted favorite

John Deere tractors at Werktuigendagen 2009, a John Deere 7530 Premium in the foreground

Since 1837, John Deere has been helping farmers get things done, and the company’s tractors are still big sellers today. Over 25% of Tradus buyers prefer this brand, which has a reputation for quality and is famous for its distinct green and yellow color scheme. John Deere also makes tractors of all sizes, so you can get a small one for maintaining a lawn or something designed for an industrial farm.

New Holland has been going strong for over 120 years

New Holland tractor - author Ronald Plett

New Holland tractors are a popular choice for many Tradus buyers, and it’s no surprise. Founded in 1895 in Pennsylvania, this company makes a variety of farming equipment and even developed a hydrogen-powered tractor with the aim of helping farmers embrace sustainability. Many New Holland models, like those in the TM line, have four-wheel drive, which ensures great handling under rough conditions.

When it comes to performance, nothing beats Fendt

 Photo by Luca Rossi from Pexels

German engineering and an unwavering commitment to quality make Fendt tractors a pleasure to ride and a top choice on Tradus. The advanced Vario transmission ensures the right amount of power is delivered to your tires for optimal handling in any situation. This brand is also known for offering high fuel efficiency, which is better for the environment and your budget.

Massey Ferguson combines value and quality

A Massey Ferguson 8470 tractor with another old Ferguson tractor ("Fergie") at Werktuigendagen 2007

Massey Ferguson’s bright red tractors offer great quality at a good price. The advanced technology built into every model takes engine revs and load into account to ensure the right amount of fuel is always available, boosting output and reducing waste. Many Massey Ferguson tractors are also insulated against noise to protect your hearing, which can really make a difference over the long run.

Case IH designs tractors to maximize your yield

Case IH STX 485 Steiger tractor (Vergennes, Illinois, USA)

For over 175 years, Case IH has been making life easier for farmers and agricultural workers. Guided by the principles of agronomic design, the company manufactures tractors made to help you get the most out of your land, time and effort. There’s also a model for every task, including loading, landscaping and planting. Many of their tractors, which you can find on Tradus, can be upgraded with high-tech displays as well.

Want to buy a tractor? Check out these brands — and others — on the Tradus website. If you want to sell something, visit the Market Insights section of Tradus PRO to learn more about what buyers are looking for.

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