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The 4 main types of material handling equipment

Material handling equipment is used to move goods around big buildings (like factories and warehouses) and transport items between buildings and vehicles. Chances are, every time you order something online, at least one piece of material handling equipment – like a forklift or narrow aisle truck – plays a major role in getting it to your front door. There are four main types to know about:

Bulk material handling equipment helps with big jobs

When you need to move things like minerals, food or liquids that are in loose form (like a container of nails or tons of barley), you need bulk material handling equipment. This might take the form of a conveyor belt that transports goods through a warehouse, or a grain elevator filled with wheat. If you need to pile stuff up, you’ll want a stacker – a large machine that arranges bulk items into piles.

Automated and engineered systems get you up to speed

The term ‘engineered systems’ is used to describe an array of equipment that works together for transportation and storage purposes. Automation is common when it comes to this kind of equipment and it’s often used to move large amounts of stuff around a production floor. One common type is the automatic guided vehicle, which is basically a robot that zips around a warehouse, moving items from one point to another.

Industrial trucks are your warehouse best friends

Though they might sound similar, industrial trucks aren’t the big rigs seen on highways. Instead, they’re small transportation devices and include forklifts, pallet jacks and manually-operated trucks that can be loaded up with cargo and used to move it across sprawling buildings. Some models are pushed along by hand, while others are made to ride. Many online retailers use order pickers in their warehouses which lifts the user into the air so they can grab items on high shelves.

The best storage and handling equipment for your needs

Most storage and handling equipment is pretty basic. It’s used to hold items before they’re transported to their final destination, which could be your home or place of work. Shelves, drawers and bins all fall into this category. Stacking frames, which are similar to shelves and are used to store items that have been stacked onto pallets, are another common type of this equipment.

Looking to buy material handling equipment?

Whether you want a side loader, reach stacker, pallet truck or something else, you can find it for sale on Tradus. We have an extensive range of material handling equipment for sale from brands like Toyota and Linde, making it easy to get exactly what you need.

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