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Why now’s the time to get a great vehicle for less

Are you looking to get a second-hand vehicle while sticking to a budget? You’re not alone – in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are focused on saving money and it’s making competitively-priced tractors, trucks and vans increasingly popular. Tradus has plenty of deals available, making it the perfect place to find something new.

And if you want to sell a vehicle at a competitive price, it’s a great time! Don’t hesitate to update your listings so you can benefit from the rising demand for bargains.

Get a fair price with our TMV

New TMV categories Nov 2020

Saving money is simple with the Tradus Market Value tool. Also, known as the TMV, it takes the guesswork out of buying a vehicle, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal possible.

Using an AI-powered algorithm, TMV compares the cost of whatever you’re interested in against the current and historic prices of more than 1.9 million vehicles while taking 18 factors – including make, model and location – into account.

After crunching the data, it lets you know if the price is lower, above or equal to the fair market price, and tells you how much it differs from the market value. That way, you can know if an offer is worth taking, or whether you should keep looking for something better.

When you’re searching for a vehicle on Tradus, you can even filter results by the TMV rating to help you avoid overpaying.

Selling? Here’s what buyers want

The demand for low-price vehicles can benefit sellers, too. A recent report from Automotive IT revealed that most people are working with a reduced budget, so if you can list your tractor, truck or van at an attractive price, there’s a good chance it will go quickly.

Many buyers are also taking a second look at bargain brands (which often provide the same quality as their famous counterparts), so a vehicle from a less-known maker that might’ve been hard to sell a year ago could now be a hot commodity.

Not sure about what to charge for your vehicle? Don’t worry! TMV can help by providing insights into the fair market value of your stock, making it easier to determine an attractive price.

Shop for a new vehicle on Tradus and use the TMV as your guide

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