New categories added to the Tradus Market Value tool

The Tradus Market Value tool (TMV) just got even better. Now you can compare prices across six more categories, making it easier to determine whether you’re getting – or offering – a good deal on your vehicle or equipment.

Also, don’t forget that TMV doesn’t have the final word – you and the seller do! If a vehicle is priced above the market average, there might be a good reason. Perhaps it comes with a warranty, has benefited from professional maintenance or the owner is providing license plate registration.
Many sellers are also willing to negotiate, so the price you see might only be the starting point. Don’t hesitate to reach out, learn more about the vehicle and see if the seller is willing to consider an offer.

TMV takes the guesswork out of buying vehicles and heavy machinery

The Tradus Market Value tool can quickly help you determine whether a vehicle is a good deal. Also known as the TMV, it uses an AI-powered algorithm to compare the cost of whatever you’re interested in against the current and historic prices of more than 1.9 million vehicles. At the same time, it also takes 18 factors – including make, model and location – into account.

After analyzing the data, the TMV lets you know if the price is lower, above or equal to the fair market price, and tells you how much it differs from the market value.New TMV categories Nov 2020


Six new categories, including dozers, dump trucks and crushers

Because so many of you have used the TMV to help buy or sell on Tradus, we’ve now expanded the tool to include six new categories:

When you’re searching for one of these vehicles, you can now filter results by the TMV rating to help you avoid overpaying. Since it provides all the information you need to make a good decision, you don’t have to spend time doing research, comparing listings and trying to determine whether something is worth getting.

Remember that even if a vehicle’s price seems a bit high, it might still be a good buy. Always contact the seller to learn more about the listing and see if they will consider offers. You might be able to get an excellent deal with a little bargaining.

TMV is good for sellers, too

TMV isn’t just for buyers — it can help sellers as well. Use it to compare the price of the vehicles you’re selling to the market average to ensure you’re offering competitive deals. In seconds, you can figure out if you’re charging too much, too little, or just the right amount.

Find a new vehicle on Tradus with some help from TMV.

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