Tradus - in-demand vehicles for fall

Top five in-demand vehicles for fall

We’ve crunched the numbers and discovered that during the fall it’s a seller’s market for skid steer and wheel loaders, closed and refrigerated vans, and tow trucks (aka wreckers). Buyers are ready and waiting to invest in these vehicles, so it’s a great opportunity to sell now while demand is high.

Fall as buying season

In itself, fall is already a popular time to buy a heavy vehicle. Suppliers are charting out their needs for the following year. They also often have a good idea on the state of their present fiscal year – so are perhaps inspired to invest in more vehicles as opposed to paying more taxes.

Tradus top 5 fall in demand vehicles graph

Winter is coming

If you check out our handy chart of index values, where anything over 1.00 shows increased demand, you’ll see that tow trucks/wreckers rule the roost in the lead up to winter. Are buyers getting prepared for the icy weather ahead? Are they seeing earned Euros in all the vehicular accidents brought on by winter?

We can’t be sure of the specific reasons, but we can’t deny the significant demand bump for quality tow truck brands such as Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo, Iveco, Scania, DAF and Renault. And with north-lying Germany both as the top seller of tow trucks and in the top three of buying them, such a strong local market suggests the “preparing for winter” hypothesis could be valid.

Staying warm?

But why are refrigerated vans so popular in the fall? Are buyers thinking they might get a better deal when the weather is cooling down anyway? According to our figures, they could be wrong in this assumption.

Or perhaps it’s more about where these vans are going: perhaps down south to pick up fresh fruit, for example. In fact, with most of the buying of transport vehicles occurring in already southern lying countries such as France, Italy and Spain this may not be such a crazy idea.

Regardless, buying a closed van in the fall makes perfect sense: after all, in the winter it’s all about staying warm. This could explain why closed vans are three times as much in demand in the fall than in the spring. In addition, such vans have the space to warmly pack in many workers, together with their equipment and large thermoses of hot beverages.

Year-round productivity

Tradus - In-demand vehicles in the fall

Skid steer loaders from brands such as Bobcat, Avant and Caterpillar, are twice as much in demand in the fall than in the winter. This is likely a tribute to the versatility and toughness of ‘skidsteers’: they can easily shift between doing indoor construction work and outdoor snow and ice removal.

Meanwhile, wheel loaders also enjoy a sizable rise in demand during the fall. With some weighing in at over 10 metric tons and all backed by four-wheel drive, they are strong enough to keep working on construction sites no matter how cold it gets.

So, do you have the machinery buyers need now?

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