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5 essential tips for selling on Tradus

Tradus makes it easy to sell your vehicle or machinery online. But it’s a competitive market out there, so (as with most things in life), those who put in the groundwork will reap the best rewards. With so much choice out there for buyers, how do you make your equipment stand out?

What Tradus buyers expect

Selling online instead of in-person makes it harder to get to know your buyer. But being clued up on the things Tradus buyers have told us are important to them will get you off to a great start. According to our market research, the main stressors playing on the minds of our buyers are trust, communication, and finding the right vehicle. And what drives trust? Information, and transparency. Help your customers along by providing as much detail as possible in your listings, and being completely transparent in all your dealings. Here’s how.

1. Tune up your online presence

Do you have a website? Include it in your seller profile. 30% of buyers report that having a website they can verify online is a key factor in how they decide whether to trust a seller. And good news for regular sellers – the longer you have been active on Tradus, the more buyers will trust you. But if you’re new to the platform, don’t worry. 23% of buyers check Google and other reviews of a seller before committing to a sale, so pay a little attention to your own website and check your general online presence is all ready for inspection.

2. Reply to messages quickly

Sellers who respond to queries within 24 hours make better sales. In fact, a quarter of Tradus buyers report that a quick response rate is the most important factor in driving trust. If you can reply to them in their own language, even better.

3. Give as much detail as you can

43% of Tradus buyers say that detailed information is what they value most. Taking the time to accurately fill in every field in the Tradus sales menu could be the difference between a sale and a pass. Details like the brand, number plate and maximum weight allowance are all vital. And giving a detailed description of your vehicle or machinery will make it easier for buyers to find your listing using various search terms, so think about what they might be typing into the search box and include those keywords in your listing.

4. Add detailed, high-quality photos

Upload as many photos as possible, so your customers can see exactly what they’re dealing with. Stop them in their scroll with your most winning snaps, but also be transparent about any damage or imperfections and include close-up photographs of these so that the buyer can make an informed decision. 36% of buyers understandably say that detailed photos are the most important part of a listing – so make sure yours are up to the job.

5. Don’t forget the paperwork

Buyers expect to see maintenance logs and certified inspection reports, so get one step ahead by already including these in your listing.

And there we have it – five simple tips for becoming a trusted online seller on Tradus. Are you selling your machinery to buyers in other countries? Read these tips for trading successfully across the globe. And remember to always stay safe and smart when selling during Covid-19.

You wouldn’t let your tractor or dozer go without its regular health check, so don’t let your ads get rusty either. Head to your Tradus Pro account now to see if your profile could use an update!