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New: Have your heavy machinery delivered safely with BOLK

Looking for your next used vehicle or heavy machinery equipment but not finding what you want locally? Or not sure how to transport heavy machinery into and around Europe? Our new partner BOLK can easily arrange the transport of heavy machinery right to your door from anywhere in Europe. Simply click to ask for an obligation-free quote directly from any Tradus listing and find out the cost of transport for your vehicle or equipment.

Introducing BOLK’s transport services to Tradus buyers

Tradus is proud to announce a new partnership with BOLK, an international leader in special transport, logistics and distribution. Founded in 1934 in the Dutch city of Almelo, this transport and logistics provider has expanded over the decades and now works closely with international brands such as Heineken, Grolsch and Vredestein. BOLK is well established in different transport markets around Europe. Their key base is still in the Netherlands, with a warehouse at CTT Hengelo (a major international cargo terminal) as well as branches in Germany, Austria, Romania and France. Whether you’re looking for your next used tractor, excavator or dump truck, BOLK has the means and knowhow to deliver any machine or vehicle, no matter the shape or size, right to wherever you need it.

Quickly get an obligation-free quote from any Tradus listing

If you see something you like on Tradus, it’s easy to find out the cost of transport. Look out for the BOLK banner on all our listing pages and simply click to ask for an obligation-free quote

BOLK banner on Tradus

After clicking on the banner you’ll be asked for a few simple details: what you want to transport, the loading and unloading address and your contact details. The experts at BOLK will then deliver a speedy quote. Should you agree, you can count on receiving an efficient and effective door-to-door transport service.

Find your next vehicle on Tradus and get a transportation quote from BOLK.

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